Introduction to Vibration Category 1

Allen Plymon (President)
Plymon Vibration Consultants, LLC
Steve Tomas
Lead Vibration Manager
Hupp Electric Motors Reliability Dept.

The Introduction to Vibration Analysis course is designed for the New Analyst, Maintenance Technician, or
Management Supervisor with Little or No Formal Training. The Class is designed to guide potential vibration
analysts to this field, and to provide essential information for supervisory level personnel with respect to
terminology, plotted formats and why this technology is needed in industry. The course includes a short “Proficiency
Test” that can be used as a self-assessment tool. This training is aligned with the Vibration Analysis “Body of Knowledge” requirements recommended by the American Society of Non-destructive Testing (ASNT). Recent modifications to the curricula make the Introduction to Vibration Analysis course compliant with
guidelines put in place by the International Standards Organization (ISO). Completion of the requirements of
this course will earn the trainee a certification as an ISO Category I Vibration Analyst.